Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about more than Cupids and candies. It is about showing how much you love and care for the people in your life. For centuries, flowers have been used to show these deep emotions. Whether you are looking for Valentine’s Day flowers for your true love or a dear friend, Rosies & Posies florist in Sunnyvale will help you pick the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers to convey your message.

Why Flowers for Valentine’s Day?
The tradition of giving flowers goes back to before there was even a Valentine’s Day. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics depict people gifting flowers. Flowers were arranged and given in Ancient Greece. In the Middle Ages when showing emotions was frowned upon, the practice of giving flowers flourished as a way of expressing feelings and sending messages to loved ones.

The tradition of giving flowers spans across multiple cultures and eras because flowers are a symbol of life. With their natural beauty, vivid colors, and attractive smell, flowers are also sure to improve the mood of the recipient. Candies and chocolate are also great gifts but, for Valentine’s Day, nothing compares to giving your loved one a bouquet or arrangement of fresh flowers.

Which Flowers to Give for Valentine’s Day?
Each flower is associated with certain meanings. Adhering to these meanings, a traditionalist will choose red roses for Valentine’s Day. Long-stemmed red roses are the most popular choice because the buds of these roses are much larger and open into impressive blooms. The long stem also accentuates the blooms better and looks more stunning. Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale has a large selection of elegant Valentine’s Day roses to choose from, including arrangements for all budgets.

Looking for a way to show the uniqueness of your love and passion? Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale can make gorgeous Valentine’s Day arrangements which use roses with exotic flowers like irises and orchids. We also have striking lavender and orange roses which symbolize deep passion and luxury. If you want a classy way to show your love, then opt for a Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale flower arrangement with tulips or lilies. Or maybe you want to include your loved one’s favorite flower? Our Bay Area florists are true artists and can make a Valentine’s Day arrangement out of any flower of your choice.

When choosing Valentine’s Day flowers for a friend or colleague, most people choose to stay away from reds and purples because of the romance and passion they symbolize. Pink roses are a great alternative because they symbolize the love and appreciation you hold for the recipient.

Delivering the Utmost Quality and Freshness
At Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale, we know you care about the recipient of the Valentine’s Day flowers. That is why we put care into each of our flower bouquets and arrangements. We work extra hours leading up to Valentine’s Day to make sure that you have a beautiful selection of flowers to choose from. Our florists take the time to individually craft each arrangement into a beautiful work of art. Because we only use the freshest flowers, you can be sure that the Valentine’s Day flowers will last long after the holiday. This way, your loved ones can remember the romantic gesture each time they see the beautiful blooms of the flowers.

To help make your gift of Valentine’s Day flowers even more special, Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale also offers extras like a selection of artistic vases, custom cards, and gifts like stuffed animals, chocolates or balloons.