Mother’s Day

Nothing says “I love you Mom” better than flowers for Mother’s Day. Because every mom is unique, Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale has dozens of exquisite Mother’s Day bouquets to choose from. Regardless of which bouquet you choose for your mother, the mother of your children, your grandmother, or mother-in-law, you can count on us to get it delivered on time.

Why Send Flowers for Mother’s Day?
Mothers work hard every single day of the year, so they deserve to be honored with their own special day. By sending flowers, you are showing that you are thinking of that person and appreciate all that she has done. Flowers can also symbolize love and adoration, which makes them perfect for sending a message when words alone won’t suffice. Long after Mother’s Day is over, the bouquets from Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale will still be in bloom. When your beloved mother looks at the bouquet, she will be reminded of your love and affection for her.

How to Choose Flowers for Mother’s Day
Flowers and their colors are each associated with certain meanings. It can help to have knowledge of these meanings when choosing flowers for Mother’s Day. However, do know that there is no “right” or “wrong” choice for Mother’s Day flowers. If your mom has a favorite flower, go ahead and send it. Just the act of sending flowers (and remembering her favorite flower!) will show your appreciation.

Red Roses: Red roses are associated with deep love. They are a perfect choice of flowers for the mother of your children.

Pink Roses: Pink roses symbolize adoration and caring. They are a good choice for any mother.

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. Because of their vibrant color, they also speak of joy and are good if you want to send an uplifting bouquet of flowers to a mother.

Carnations: Carnations, particularly pink carnations, are one of the most popular Mother’s Day flowers. They symbolize love, adoration, and admiration.

Tulips: Tulips are a classic, elegant flower and symbols of springtime. Choose pink, lavender, or yellow flowers for a cheerful message.

Orchids: Orchids symbolize gracefulness and elegance. They are incredibly beautiful and great choices for a spouse.

Lilacs: Lilacs are especially popular for Mother’s Day flowers because they symbolize the love between a mother and child. They also have a very beautiful smell and lovely delicate blooms.

Irises: Irises are symbolic of the Mother of Jesus and thus a popular flower for Mother’s Day. Traditionally, blue or white irises are used.

Daisies: Daisies are lighthearted flowers which are used to send messages of joy. These flowers are great for brightening anyone’s day. They are wonderful in arrangements for mothers, grandmothers, and the caretakers of your children.

Make Your Mother’s Day Gift Even More Special
Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale has a large selection of Mother’s Day flowers which are sure to make any mother beam. We offer Mother’s Day flower delivery in California. Because we use an expedient courier service, we can also delivery Mother’s Day flowers nationwide. All Mother’s Day flowers are delivered with a card. When you go through checkout, you can select the card type and write a personalized message.

Because we know how much you care about the mothers in your life, we also offer a range of extras to go along with the Mother’s Day flowers. Select from delectable chocolates, balloons, or stuffed animals. If you are looking for a unique way of showing your appreciation on Mother’s Day, we also have a large selection of potted plants, modern bouquets, and flowers in a gift.