Funeral Flowers

In times of grief, express your condolences and honor your loved one by sending funeral or sympathy flowers. Traditional funeral flowers for a memorial service include flower sprays, flower wreaths, flower baskets, and flower crosses. You can trust Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale florist with the important task of providing funeral flowers for this trying time. Our funeral flowers are always tasteful and arrive on time to the funeral home or residence.

Why Send Flowers for a Funeral?
The practice of sending flowers for a funeral goes back hundreds of years. This is because flowers have long been used to convey emotions, especially in situations where words may be inadequate to express the wide range of emotions felt, such as during grief.

Flowers are not only uplifting in their beauty, but they represent the meaningful relationships the deceased made during his or her lifetime. After the funeral is over and the guests have left, the funeral flower arrangements remain as a symbol of the many people who love and care for the deceased and survivors. In this way, funeral flowers can be a great comfort to the grieving family.

Casket Sprays and Standing Flower Sprays
In many cultures and religions, it is tradition to adorn the casket with a flower spray, or “casket spray”. This is typically selected by a close family member of the deceased. There are two main types of casket sprays: full-couch casket sprays (also called lid casket sprays) and half-couch casket sprays. Full-couch casket sprays are longer and cover the entire casket whereas half-couch sprays cover the lower part of a casket. For an open-casket funeral, the family will need to select a half-couch casket spray.

In some situations, a casket funeral spray may be inappropriate. For example, during military funerals, a US flag is placed on the casket and no flowers should be placed on top of it. A standing funeral spray or wreath would be appropriate for these situations. Some families opt to have a standing funeral spray in addition to the casket spray.

Flower Delivery to the Funeral Home
Funeral wreaths and long-stemmed flower arrangements in vases are traditional choices to be sent to the funeral home. Flower baskets are also appropriate for funerals. When selecting funeral flowers, the type and color of the flowers is very important. White and blue flowers are traditionally used to express condolence. Chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, and carnations are the flowers most traditionally used in funeral flower arrangements. If you are unsure of which flowers are appropriate, you can trust the florists at Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale to create a tasteful flower arrangement to be sent to the funeral home.

Funeral Flowers for the Bereaved
If you cannot attend the funeral, the family asked for donations in lieu of flowers, or you didn’t know the deceased personally, then it may be more appropriate to send flowers to the grieving survivors at their home. White flowers are most traditionally used to express condolence, but brighter arrangements with pink and yellow flowers can also be sent to express hope.

Along with flowers, many people choose to send food and fruit baskets to the grieving family. These gift baskets help provide sustenance to the family as well as the many guests which may come to express condolence. Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale has a tasteful selection of sympathy gift baskets to choose from.

It is About Showing Your Sympathy and Care
Funerals are trying times and it can be confusing to determine what is “appropriate” during this period of grieving. Remember, the gift of flowers, food, or fruit is a way to show the grieving survivors that you are thinking about them. This is what really counts – not the amount you spend on the funeral flowers or the color of the flowers. If you have any questions or need help selecting funeral flowers, Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale florist is standing by to help you choose flowers which express your condolences in a tasteful, meaningful way.