Flowers for All Occasions

No matter what the occasion is, Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale florist can help you express yourself through flowers. We offer a large selection of floral bouquets and artistic arrangements which can be ordered online and picked up in store or delivered on a date of your choice. We also work directly with customers, helping them select the perfect flowers for the occasion or message they wish to convey.

Flowers to Make Someone Smile
If a dear one has been having a hard time lately, or you just want to show your appreciation, then send a vibrant bouquet of flowers. Daisies and sunflowers are associated with joy and happiness. However, any selection of brightly blossomed flowers like pink asters and purple snapdragons is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Flowers to Say I’m Sorry
When you’ve had a falling out or offended your loved one, use flowers to show what your words alone cannot. To say “I’m sorry”, give your loved one a bouquet of red or pink roses, or a bouquet interspersed with lovely pink lilies, orchids or irises.

Flower to Say I Love You
Don’t limit your show of love to Valentine’s Day. Show your special someone how deep your love is by sending a bouquet of roses just because. Flowers like tulips, irises, lilies, and orchids are also associated with love and beauty.

Flowers to Say Thank You
Show someone how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you by sending them a bouquet of thank you flowers. Any cheerful flower bouquet will surely brighten the day of the recipient, as will potted plants, flower baskets, and exotic orchids.

Flowers for a Celebration
There are many reasons in life to celebrate – new babies, birthdays, business successes… Flowers are a perfect way to express the celebratory spirit. Flowers which embody the celebratory spirit have bright colors and large blooms, like pink daisies, light orange roses, hot pink carnations, and yellow lilies.

Whether you want to get your loved one flowers “just because”, are celebrating an important anniversary, or need a tasteful bouquet to convey sympathy, Rosies & Posies Sunnyvale can help. Look through our selection of Flowers for All Occasions and order directly online. Flowers can be picked up in store or delivered right to that special someone. Don’t see something suited to your occasion in our online selection? Call us directly to tell us about your needs. We can put together a custom flower arrangement using the flowers and colors of your choice.